Introduction: Building the Generational Gap

By Brandi Nicholson-Burley, Career Facilitator

 Navigating the workplace can be tricky (Just Google “workplace” and you’ll see what I mean.)

One thing that makes the workplace easier to navigate is your relationships with your coworkers. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy lunch outings, and casual conversations about things like; dogs, football games, or how the kids are getting on your nerves?

     But how do you build relationships and connect with your coworkers if your favorite singer growing up was Elton John, and their favorite singer growing up was Bryson Tiller?

     As the world becomes more connected, now, more than ever, the workforce is comprised of multiple generations. As we’ve been discussing on our blog, diversity and inclusion play a big part in building relationships and a comfortable working environment. Outside of ethnicity and gender, another key make up in diversity is age!

     In this upcoming series, we will explore what it’s like working with colleagues who are a part of a generation other than your own. We will also dive into some challenges and opportunities that working in a multi generational environment presents. Lastly, we’ll discuss how to “Bridge the  Gap” across generations in the workforce. Hopefully, this series will help you build stronger relationships at work AND help your workplace step into a more collaborative, and inclusive future!


If you ever wondered, why does the young person at work feel entitled to everything? Or, how was the senior at work able to get by without understanding PowerPoint? Come back for: Bridging the Generational Gap Part One: The Interviews.

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