Embracing Change

Change has never been my favorite thing.  This is primarily due to the uncertainty that comes with stepping outside your comfort zone, while embarking upon the unfamiliar.  When walking into new environments, the likelihood of surprises occurring increases (and I’ve never been big on surprises).  In fact, I like preparing in advance as much as possible to avoid unnecessary pitfalls from devouring me whole.  While most of my friends were daydreaming about surprise birthday parties or surprise wedding proposals, I was sure that my nails would possibly be in need of a manicure; my hair in need of a trim; and the perfect outfit still awaiting pick up from the dry cleaners.  And ALL of those details would surely be painfully obvious on film!  No thanks!  I would prefer a heads up.     

Don’t get me wrong…I know that there are benefits to trying and doing new things. And by embracing change, you are possibly welcoming your “next best thing.”  But I had to learn this lesson the hard way.  There were times when I had clearly outgrown my favorite outfits, homes, and even relationships.  I can also remember times when I had outgrown jobs.  I know that leaving spaces that you have clearly outgrown can be stressful, but staying can sometimes be even worse.  I am currently experiencing change once again.  I am leaving my current position at Goodwill Columbus and headed for an advancement opportunity perfectly aligned with my experience and skillset.

Changing jobs forces you to learn new skills that complement those you’ve already developed. It makes you a well-rounded and competent employee and gives you additional opportunity to grow. When opportunities for advancement are limited at your company, career advancement is sometimes easier to find outside your existing company.  Pursuing an opportunity to learn something new resets and recharges the process of learning and creativity.  Making the tough decision to move to a new, energizing and inspiring environment may be exactly what you need for the next phase of your career. 

The work that I have been able to do at Goodwill Columbus has been the most impactful work of my career thus far.  I have enjoyed working with so many talented professionals, while witnessing the transformation of so many of our clients.  Witnessing our clients’ growth and development, has caused me to transform as well.  I am better for having come to work for this organization.  But it is now time for me to move on to my “next best” opportunity.  If I stay put, I may never grow beyond this point.  That would be a disservice to Goodwill Columbus, our clients, and to my overall career.  In other words, everyone loses when you are unable to embrace change.

So, when you realize that you have outgrown your current state of affairs, make a conscious decision to do a new thing.  You may be ready for your “next best thing.”  By doing so, you may encounter a new challenge that brings back passion, interest, and engagement in every aspect of your career.  What a wonderful gift that would be!

Wishing You the Best,


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