How to Form a Habit

Written by Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator

Habits.  It’s easy to form bad ones, but what about forming good ones?  I have formed a lot of bad ones along the road.  One of my favorites is that when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to cook a homemade healthy meal, I will walk down to my local eatery and buy my favorite – chicken wings.  They have great chicken wings.  However, we all tend to have strong goals and habits we would like to develop in the new year – eat healthier, exercise more.  But how long do those habits that we strive to build last?

My birthday was in August and I decided to buy myself a Peloton.  Of course I will be paying on it for the next three years and it took six weeks for it to arrive, but once the purchase was made I had access to the Peloton app.  I was addicted!  They have classes on walking, running, strength, yoga, meditation, etc.  You can get badges that celebrated milestones that you achieved.  I wanted those badges.  There are so many badges you could achieve!  Three weeks of exercising in a row?  Check.  Five weeks?  Check.  Twelve weeks?  Check.  And then I got COVID.  It knocked me out for a week.  All of December and part of January I did nothing.  It was not because I was still sick (I was one of the lucky ones who recovered in a week), it was because the motivation was completely gone.  I would have to start all over on my weeks in a row, and other badge achievements, and I was not happy (can you tell I am little competitive?).  However, something in my soul clicked and I am back on my Peloton habit.  I am proud to say that I am up to four weeks in a row!  I am still addicted to acquiring those badges (feel free to follow me on Peloton – StaceyBeez).

Now, how can we build habits that would increase our chances in landing a job?  This week we are highlighting just that!  Let’s face it.  If you are unemployed and looking for a job, looking for a job is your job.  So how can we create successful habits that will achieve your ultimate goal?  This week we will be talking about 3 habits that could increase your chances of getting a job brought to you by the Indeed Career Guide. 

  • On Monday, March 8th at 10 am and 4 pm we will talk about being selective about the jobs you apply for. 
  • On Tuesday, March 9th at 10 am and 4 pm we will talk about keeping your job search organized. 
  • Finally, on Thursday, March 11th at 10 am and 4 pm we will talk about gaining back time when you’re filling in applications.

 There you go!  Three habits that could increase your chances of getting that job!  If you miss those premiers, the videos will always be archived on our Facebook and YouTube pages.  Now, go create your positive habits and land that job!

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