When to Say When

Learn How to Quit and Do What’s Best For You

Do you believe in astrology? I do (kind of– do Zodiac memes count?). I am a Cancer, and this sign is known for their intuitive nature. Cancers are also known to be fiercely loyal and people pleasers. All of this makes sense to me, considering that I have a hard time saying, “no,” quitting, or knowing, “when to say when.” I know I am not the only person out there who struggles with saying no or quitting (and if you’re into astrology, I’m looking at you Aries, Pisces, and Libras). Unfortunately, not knowing when to say when can affect you, and the people around you, in a negative way.  And since you can’t go through life blaming everything on your zodiac sign- and I KNOW you’re tired of pressing on- below you’ll find some advice I have to offer (or sourced from the internet) on when to say when.

How to know when to say when:

  • That situation* is detrimentally affecting your well-being. Keep in mind this could be physically, emotionally, mentally. (Lifehacker.com)
  • You’ve done everything you could to make it work. (FastCompany.com)
    • This includes coming up with solutions and executing them.
  • You consistently have negative thoughts around that situation*
    • If you can’t think of the positives around your situation, it may be time to quit.
  • When it’s no longer serving you/ in alignment with your goals.

*Situation can refer to relationships, activities, jobs, etc.

Steps to take when you do, “say when.”

  1. Become self-aware. The key to knowing “when to say when,” is understanding yourself and your limits.
  2. Create a pro’s and con’s list.
  3. Take a hiatus. Taking a step-back gives you space to gain perspective and think things through without fully committing to quitting.
  4. Get opinions from others (Oprah.com). People you trust may offer a different perspective.
  5. Prepare for transition (PsychologyToday.com). You need to be prepared for any setbacks, especially if what you’re quitting previously gave you a sense of self.
  6. Give yourself grace. Understand that:

Despite the cultural mantra, quitting an endeavor or relationship that is no longer making you happy, is failing and cannot be fixed, or which no longer meets your needs is a healthy response as long as it’s the first step toward a new goal and destination (PsychologyToday.com) .

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