What is Happening at Goodwill Columbus in May? DIGITAL LITERACY.

Don’t we all think that we have crazy digital literacy skills? I thought for sure that I did. I was sure that I could refer to myself as an early adapter, subject matter expert, etc. I was surprised because not only did I realize that I am not any of those things, but I have a lot to learn. As we started to talk about the importance of digital literacy and digital skills as a team, I had to ask myself some hard questions about how much I really know.

I started to think about how I use technology. The first piece of technology that came to mind was my phone. I use my phone everyday but what do I use it for? I text all day long, I use it to make phone calls, I check Facebook, I check my email, I may use it for Pinterest but when it comes down to it, my knowledge of how to use my phone is basic. I don’t listen to podcasts which is really quite popular but realized I didn’t know where to start. I know that you can make movies through an app but I haven’t done that either because it was a little intimidating to figure out. I even have an app that I can use to start my car, but I don’t use it. Hmmmm…the reality of it is this, I need some help! No problem, I have a whole team of digital skill gurus to help me. I know that we all need some help in the new virtual world we live in, so the team at Goodwill Columbus can help me and you.

Digital skills are prevalent everywhere in our new normal. Digital skills can be hosting a virtual happy hour for friends and family, organizing a volunteer committee that will meet via Zoom to host a virtual fundraiser, to running a company from a makeshift office in your home. Digital skills are crucial and the ability to enhance those skills for personal or professional use is more important now than ever before.

Due to the pandemic, companies and job seekers are using digital platforms to connect now more than ever. Applications, interviews, onboarding of new employees, and most often work in general are being completed virtually. It is becoming critical that job seekers have the knowledge and the skills they need to be competitive in a virtual environment.

I am so lucky to be a part of an organization that is here to help you (and me!) close the digital divide and build digital job seeking skills. Goodwill Columbus can help you create your resume on Indeed, provide you with opportunities to participate in mock interviews, learn how to effectively job search for your first job or next best job, and training on a variety of virtual platforms. The best part is all of our services are FREE. Goodwill Columbus can work with you over the phone, by email, via Zoom, or in person.

Ready to go? Let’s start our journey together. Search for Goodwill Columbus-Workforce Development on Facebook to contact us for a free one-on-one career consultation.

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