Color or Not to Color?

“I think it gives it a little something extra!” Elle Woods, Legally Blonde To use color on your resume, or not to use color on your resume? That is the question– or whatever Shakespeare said. Okay, so Shakespeare didn’t say that at all – but, a widely debated topic in the world of resumes is,Continue reading “Color or Not to Color?”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations

Our new year started out, for many people, with a renewal of hope.  I am one of those people.  However, I realize that 2020 has left us some problems to solve in this new year.  We face eradicating the COVID-19 Pandemic, getting Americans back to work and businesses to reopen, and resolving issues about justiceContinue reading “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations”

A Profile of a Role Model

by Stacey Buttel I am extremely fortunate to have encountered many professional role models in my life.  I am not sure a lot of people can say that.  As I reflect upon my career experience, I can identify at every stage someone who was there to support me and assist in my growth.  This canContinue reading “A Profile of a Role Model”

Strength and Resilience

by Valerie L. Hawes When given the assignment to select a word that describe your feelings regarding the year of 2020,  I couldn’t settle on only one.   Two words continued to swirl in my mind and, therefore, I insisted on sharing them both with you: STRENGTH and RESILIENCE. These words are probably considered toContinue reading “Strength and Resilience”

What to Do with Our New and Slightly Overused 2020 Phrases and Vocabulary

It’s been over 9 months.  Over 9 months of working from home when you thought it would only be 2 months or so.  Over 9 months of wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, avoiding crowds of 10 or more…you know this list as well as I do.  Since the start of the pandemic, our vocabulary andContinue reading “What to Do with Our New and Slightly Overused 2020 Phrases and Vocabulary”

Finding a Job on Social Media – The Do’s and Don’ts

By Brandi Nicholson-Burley, Career Facilitator Now, more than ever since its inception, social media is becoming a primary form of communication and information spreading. You can keep updated on your family through social media, you can get your entertainment from social media, and you can even learn about current (and past) events through social media!Continue reading “Finding a Job on Social Media – The Do’s and Don’ts”