Embracing Change

Change has never been my favorite thing.  This is primarily due to the uncertainty that comes with stepping outside your comfort zone, while embarking upon the unfamiliar.  When walking into new environments, the likelihood of surprises occurring increases (and I’ve never been big on surprises).  In fact, I like preparing in advance as much asContinue reading “Embracing Change”

How to Get a Legitimate Job Part II: How to Avoid Shyster Employment Ads

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you know that last week, I posted a nightmare of a story involving my very shady interview with a company that turned out to be no more than a pyramid scheme. Today, I want to make sure you, our readers, are equipped to avoid scam jobs whileContinue reading “How to Get a Legitimate Job Part II: How to Avoid Shyster Employment Ads”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations

Our new year started out, for many people, with a renewal of hope.  I am one of those people.  However, I realize that 2020 has left us some problems to solve in this new year.  We face eradicating the COVID-19 Pandemic, getting Americans back to work and businesses to reopen, and resolving issues about justiceContinue reading “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations”


by Jenifer Garey As I think back on all that had happened during 2020, I was having trouble finding the right word to describe what could be around the corner in 2021. My wish is that we all can return to what we call normal (do we really remember what that was?). My plan isContinue reading “HOPE”


by Victor Johnson Our team, Virtual Upskilling for Employment (VUE) discussed each of us writing a blog to close out the year.  It was decided that we would use our individuality to explore a theme, which is a word or words that represent our own journey through 2020.  I thought about words like perseverance, sacrifice,Continue reading “Milkshake”


By Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator, Goodwill Columbus 2020 has been quite the ride.  In thinking about one word to describe this upside-down year, I would have to go with “Miraitowa.”  Actually, Miraitowa is not exactly a word, as it really is a name.  As you know many life events were put on hold, postponed,Continue reading “Miraitowa”


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