My Unconscious Bias Experience

By Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator Prior to being a Career Facilitator, I was in education for 21 years.  The last 4 of those 21 years, I was in administration.  When I went back to school to obtain my educational administration license, my dream was to be an athletic director.  Once I obtained the license,Continue reading “My Unconscious Bias Experience”

I Can’t Stop Working at the End of the Day!

by Jenifer Garey, Director of Workforce Development A question on everyone’s mind….Is it 5:00 yet? Exactly a year ago this week that question was on everybody’s mind, everyday. Back in the day, back in the “normal” days, most people started their day around 8:00 am and for most the end goal was 5:00 pm. DoContinue reading “I Can’t Stop Working at the End of the Day!”

Strength and Resilience

by Valerie L. Hawes When given the assignment to select a word that describe your feelings regarding the year of 2020,  I couldn’t settle on only one.   Two words continued to swirl in my mind and, therefore, I insisted on sharing them both with you: STRENGTH and RESILIENCE. These words are probably considered toContinue reading “Strength and Resilience”