The Benefits of Volunteering

By Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator, Goodwill Columbus Workforce Development As far back as I can remember, my mother had me signed up for anything and everything.  Since the ripe age of 5 years old she signed me up for T-Ball, dance (I’m still scarred by my tap-dancing costume), and gymnastics.  As years moved onContinue reading “The Benefits of Volunteering”

My Unconscious Bias Experience

By Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator Prior to being a Career Facilitator, I was in education for 21 years.  The last 4 of those 21 years, I was in administration.  When I went back to school to obtain my educational administration license, my dream was to be an athletic director.  Once I obtained the license,Continue reading “My Unconscious Bias Experience”

I Can’t Stop Working at the End of the Day!

by Jenifer Garey, Director of Workforce Development A question on everyone’s mind….Is it 5:00 yet? Exactly a year ago this week that question was on everybody’s mind, everyday. Back in the day, back in the “normal” days, most people started their day around 8:00 am and for most the end goal was 5:00 pm. DoContinue reading “I Can’t Stop Working at the End of the Day!”

How to Form a Habit

Written by Stacey Buttel – Career Facilitator Habits.  It’s easy to form bad ones, but what about forming good ones?  I have formed a lot of bad ones along the road.  One of my favorites is that when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to cook a homemade healthy meal, I will walk downContinue reading “How to Form a Habit”

Embracing Change

Change has never been my favorite thing.  This is primarily due to the uncertainty that comes with stepping outside your comfort zone, while embarking upon the unfamiliar.  When walking into new environments, the likelihood of surprises occurring increases (and I’ve never been big on surprises).  In fact, I like preparing in advance as much asContinue reading “Embracing Change”

What to Do with Our New and Slightly Overused 2020 Phrases and Vocabulary

It’s been over 9 months.  Over 9 months of working from home when you thought it would only be 2 months or so.  Over 9 months of wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, avoiding crowds of 10 or more…you know this list as well as I do.  Since the start of the pandemic, our vocabulary andContinue reading “What to Do with Our New and Slightly Overused 2020 Phrases and Vocabulary”

Are You Thankful for Your Co-Workers?

by Victor Johnson, Career Facilitator Cape Newenham is a small area on the coast of Alaska.  It is not a town or village.  The closest thing to a town is 25miles away…by air.  It was an Air Force radar station when I was there.  It was my first assignment in the Air Force. The Cape,Continue reading “Are You Thankful for Your Co-Workers?”

Bridging the Generational Gap – Part III: an HR Perspective

by Brandi Nicholson-Burley, Career Facilitator For the final installment in “Bridging the Generational Gap,” I wanted to bring an HR perspective to the series. I interviewed Joshua Moening, Human Resources Business Partner at Goodwill Columbus who’s been in HR for over 10 years. Here’s what he had to say: Brandi: How do you feel likeContinue reading “Bridging the Generational Gap – Part III: an HR Perspective”

Do I Look Ok?

By Jenifer Garey, Director of Workforce Development As I prepared for a TV interview, I was confident in asking the age-old question to my coaches, aka team facilitators, who are on camera all the time: “Do I look ok?”  I thought I wanted honest feedback. I thought that I could make some last-minute changes ifContinue reading “Do I Look Ok?”