What is Happening at Goodwill Columbus in May? DIGITAL LITERACY.

Don’t we all think that we have crazy digital literacy skills? I thought for sure that I did. I was sure that I could refer to myself as an early adapter, subject matter expert, etc. I was surprised because not only did I realize that I am not any of those things, but I haveContinue reading “What is Happening at Goodwill Columbus in May? DIGITAL LITERACY.”

Taking a Stand for Diversity and Inclusion

  by Victor Johnson April is Celebrate Diversity Month.  I’d like to illustrate why initiatives like this are important.  The story I’m going to tell you is true, the names have been omitted to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent. I have a friend who works in one of the large corporations that has offices inContinue reading “Taking a Stand for Diversity and Inclusion”

April is Celebrate Diversity Month

Victor Johnson, Career Facilitator April is Celebrate Diversity Month. Recognizing and honoring the diversity that surrounds each of us is the reason it was started in 2004.  It is hoped that during this month people will have the conversations that can give us a deeper understanding of each other. So what do I do? I volunteered to doContinue reading “April is Celebrate Diversity Month”

Don’t Lean Your Ladder Against the Wrong Wall

First, let me be clear, I’m not afraid of heights.  I love flying and I’ve stood on high peaks in Alaska.  I didn’t get that close to the edge of a sheer side, but I’ve been on the summit.  Yet, there is something about bridges, staircases and ladders that erases all reason from my mindContinue reading “Don’t Lean Your Ladder Against the Wrong Wall”

How to Get a Legitimate Job Part II: How to Avoid Shyster Employment Ads

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you know that last week, I posted a nightmare of a story involving my very shady interview with a company that turned out to be no more than a pyramid scheme. Today, I want to make sure you, our readers, are equipped to avoid scam jobs whileContinue reading “How to Get a Legitimate Job Part II: How to Avoid Shyster Employment Ads”

How to Find a Legitimate Job: Part I

My Job Hunting Nightmare A few years ago, I was on the hunt for a job that would both pay well and fulfil my personal goals. I had just discovered Indeed as a viable option for my job search and was pleased at how easy it was to find jobs and create a profile. IContinue reading “How to Find a Legitimate Job: Part I”

Color or Not to Color?

“I think it gives it a little something extra!” Elle Woods, Legally Blonde To use color on your resume, or not to use color on your resume? That is the question– or whatever Shakespeare said. Okay, so Shakespeare didn’t say that at all – but, a widely debated topic in the world of resumes is,Continue reading “Color or Not to Color?”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations

Our new year started out, for many people, with a renewal of hope.  I am one of those people.  However, I realize that 2020 has left us some problems to solve in this new year.  We face eradicating the COVID-19 Pandemic, getting Americans back to work and businesses to reopen, and resolving issues about justiceContinue reading “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Leader for All Generations”

A Profile of a Role Model

by Stacey Buttel I am extremely fortunate to have encountered many professional role models in my life.  I am not sure a lot of people can say that.  As I reflect upon my career experience, I can identify at every stage someone who was there to support me and assist in my growth.  This canContinue reading “A Profile of a Role Model”